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Futuristic style for new Citroen C5

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Bold new look for C5 as Citroen plans assault on premium rivals with concept-inspired car.

Citroen is striving to ensure that its model range remains as diverse as it can be by radically re-imagining its C5 saloon for 2018. An all-new car is expected to be based on the Citroen C-Xperience concept model which was shown off at the Paris motor show in September.

Traditional family saloons such as the Ford Mondeo may be facing increasing challenges from SUVs and crossovers but Citroen hopes to create a C5 offering a more attractive proposition in a similar vein to the stance taken by Vauxhall in relation to the increasingly upmarket Insignia.

A C5 for the future

Maxime Picat, the PSA Group’s European executive vice president, said that the Citroen C5 had to be reinvented, adding that the C-Xperience concept was designed to illustrate the way forwards. He said that there was ‘a clear future’ in sight for a car such as the C5, with customers wanting a reinvented version, offering improved aerodynamics, efficiency and dynamism.

Picat also believes that by persevering with the traditional large family saloon, Citroen will maintain ‘alternative products’ in its range for when the ‘SUV boom ends’. He said that it was well-known that the trend for SUVs will slow down at least at some point when they cease to offer the differentiating factors that make them appeal to drivers today.

He said that in a couple of years, drivers will be surrounded by SUVs at traffic lights and will want to have something different to drive in order to set themselves apart from the pack. Picat added that customers have specifically asked Citroen to offer ‘an attractive car’ because they are fed up with ‘boring sedans’ and SUVs.

The influence of the Citroen concept

Clearly, it is anticipated that the new C5 will take its design cues from the C-Xperience. It is likely to get a similar fastback tailgate, intricate LED lighting and car-rearward design. The brand hopes that this will give the Citroen C5 a more memorable silhouette.

The next generation of the saloon will be underpinned by a modified take on the EMP2 platform, which is the chassis technology used on Peugeot’s new 3008. The platform has been developed with one eye on electrification and a plug-in hybrid variant of the new C5 is believed to be on the cards. There will also be a range of traditional petrol and diesel engines.

Citroen Advanced Comfort

A new Citroen progressive hydraulic suspension looks set to be another innovative feature of the new C5. This has been created under the auspices of the brand’s Advanced Comfort programme, which aims to boost everything from customer satisfaction to ride comfort.

The progressive hydraulic system adds to the effect of conventional shock absorbers with the use of hydraulic cushions to smooth and soften body movements. Improvements to the interior design and in-car technology should also serve to boost the appeal of the new C5. It is believed that the brand will go for a slick and clean look, replacing buttons and dials with HD touch screens and a digital instrument cluster.

Background to the C5

The Citroen C5 has been made since spring 2001 and replaced Citroen’s Xantia in the brand’s range. It was withdrawn in May in the UK, however, as a result of disappointing sales. Only 17,105 were sold between 2008 and spring of this year, with just 237 cars sold in 2015 In Britain. This marked the lowest sales volume since the model was launched. In marked contrast, 6,549 C5s were sold in France last year.

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