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Fuel Costs Remain a Worry, Despite Freeze

By raccars Published

The government’s U-turn on a proposed fuel duty increase has been seriously welcomed by the motorists of the UK, but it seems that, despite the freeze, the cost of fuel remains a seriously worry.

A report undertaken by the BCA shows that motorists have changed the way they drive just so they visit the fuel-station less and it’s unsurprising really considering the price of fuel these days.

"Our research shows that the cost of fuel remains the top priority for motorists, with many changing the way they drive to maximise their fuel efficiency," said a spokesman for the BCA. "With this in mind, the postponement of the fuel duty increase combined with a general reduction in fuel prices in recent weeks will come as a relief to many motorists."

Let’s hope the prices can continue to come down and help out the motorists of the UK.

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