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Frugal Petrol Cars For City Dwellers

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When it comes to fuel economy, diesel is usually considered the better choice but, in fact, if your annual mileage is low and most of your journeys are made in and around town then a modern, frugal petrol engine is likely to be the best option.

Hybrids have left their awkward looking image far behind and are a very useful add on to city driving. Plug in hybrids, however, have not been included in this list because of the inconvenient need to have a charging point nearby.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Boasting fuel economy to beat most diesels - although the official 80 plus miles per gallon is a bit optimistic, hybrid power actually works very well in this neat little hybrid, whose footprint is small enough to fit in even the most cramped of parking spaces.

Lexus CT200h

The smallest car in the Lexus range boasts the same build quality and refinement on the road as the brand's bigger cars. Lexus is also very good at making hybrids you can live with, although in this case, the handling is unsophisticated. You can expect fuel consumption of 75mpg plus.

Fiat 500 TwinAir

This two cylinder engine is economical in the right hands - 72.4mpg according to official figures - but the temptation to push the revs up outweighs that frugality. However, it's hard to beat for funky styling and entertainment value. You can also get the cute little Fiat Panda with the same engine for less money and only lose a few miles per gallon, although its street cred is rather lower.

Skoda Citigo Greentech

The Citigo is one of a number of models achieving 68.9mpg and is cheaper than its badge engineered siblings, the VW Up and Seat Mii. The Greentech tag means that it includes a number of fuel saving technologies, such as low rolling resistance tyres, although comfort and convenience features are less than abundant. The other two members of the triumvirate are very similar to look at and to drive, so it's hard to justify paying extra to achieve a marginally more prestigious badge. All three use the same three cylinder, 1.0 litre engine, which is more than capable of coping with their low kerb weights.

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