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Free MOTs From Audi

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Owners of Audis are being offered free MOTs for the lifetime of the car by the German company. In effect, the offer will potentially save car owners £49.99 per year, based upon the current MOT price. The offer lasts for the lifetime of the vehicle and is transferable with ownership, so even an Eighties classic, like the quattro from 'Ashes to Ashes,' counts.

What's the catch? Well, there isn't one... the offer is open to any Audi model, of any age, if the owner has a cam belt change at an official Audi service centre or authorised repairer.

A cam belt change is not the cheapest piece of regular maintenance on any car. Audi service centres helpfully offer the work at a fixed price - on cars with an engine capacity of up to 2.0 litres it's £449, on cars with engines larger than 2.0 litres, it costs £599. These prices don't include RS line high performance models. While that is a substantial outlay, it's certainly a lot cheaper than the complete engine build that could be necessary, should you ignore the recommended lifespan of a cambelt.

The cambelt, also known as the timing belt, manages the synchronisation of rotation between the crank and cam shafts. They are found on most modern engines, apart from some models which use a chain instead of a belt or use the gears to drive the camshafts directly. Often the toothed belt can also drive the car's water pump and oil pump. Changing the belt or chain is not a job for an amateur mechanic, as the part must be correctly tensioned upon its frame - a loose belt whips and one that is too tight whines and strains bearings.

Most cars need a cambelt change about every five years, after a set mileage or if you notice any physical damage to the part and it is essential to comply with this vital maintenance. Unfortunately, a cambelt change is one of those costs that car owners tend to neglect when finances are short, to greater costs later on. If the belt snaps while the engine is running, it can cause extensive damage to other parts, so offers that promote observance of the recommended service interval are to be applauded.

While the car is at the Audi repair centre having the work done on the cambelt, customers also have access to the Audi Cam service, where the mechanic dealing with the repairs will video any other areas of concern that are revealed at the time and send the clip to you.

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