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Frankfurt In September

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All the manufacturers are using August to prepare for September's Frankfurt Motor Show, which is one of the most important events in the motoring calendar. While the outlandish supercars and concept cars that provide the wow factors at such events may not be that interesting to the majority of the car-buying public, what motor shows also do is preview what we will all be driving within the next few years, showcasing new design directions and new technology.

There are always lots of new car debuts in Frankfurt, and this year is no different. The event takes place on 17th-27th September, with the following car among the most anticipated:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

One of the most interesting new releases of the year is Alfa Romeo's challenger to the BMW 3 Series. The Giulia a very smart-looking compact saloon with aspirations to premium brand levels of build quality married to spirited Italian driving dynamics. The Giulia will be making an appearance in Frankfurt and is due to reach the market next summer.

Bentley Bentayga

The first SUV from the luxury British firm was introduced as a concept at previous motor shows and received mixed reactions. Bentley responded accordingly and the Bentayga went through various revisions before a production version was finalised. At last we will see the Bentayga in the flesh as part of a group of new, ultra-luxury SUVs that includes the Jaguar F-Pace and the upcoming Lamborghini Urus.

Infiniti Q30

Infiniti has grand plans to enter the mainstream, albeit as a premium player, and the Q30 hatchback is designed to help it to achieve this ambition. In 2013 it was introduced in Frankfurt as a concept and returns this year in production form, using a number of Mercedes A-Class components and with a very modern look. The Q30 will be built in the UK at the Sunderland Nissan plant.

Mini Clubman

Due to go on sale later in the year, the new version of the Clubman takes the form of a small estate and is more conventional than its predecessor; however, it can still be distinguished by its van-style doors at the rear. Fortunately it is now a much better-looking car.

Renault Megane

Very little information has been released so far about the forthcoming new Megane; however, Renault has been clear that it is aiming upmarket this time. The updated Megane is expected to pose a serious challenge to the VW Golf and Ford Focus, with a high-performance Renaultsport variant in its arsenal.

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