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Four Of The Most Common Car Faults

By raccars Published

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Everyone knows the importance of regular servicing and maintenance when owning a car, but even the most impeccably cared for vehicle could experience some of the following faults, which are the most commonly reported vehicle problems.

Flat battery

An age old problem, particularly in winter in the UK, when batteries are forced to work their hardest. Fortunately, most modern cars come with an audible alarm to alert drivers who leave the headlights on when getting out of the car, but a flat battery can still leave even a brand new car stranded at an inconvenient moment. Get it going with the help of an independent battery charging unit or enlist the help of another vehicle and a set of jump leads. Avoid the problem altogether, by checking your battery's health regularly at a garage.

Flat tyre

In theory, this problem is easily solved by switching the flat tyre for the spare, but it's still an uncomfortable and inevitably dirty process that can be physically impossible for some. Keep an eye on the condition of your tyres - not forgetting your spare! - or opt for run flats if you don't feel comfortable with the idea of changing your own.

Fuel issues

Apart from the obvious lack of fuel, common issues include filling up with the wrong kind. Modern cars tend to be fitted with a filler nozzle that will only accept the right kind of fuel, but it's easy to make a mistake on older cars, so pay attention at the pumps - particularly if you often change between cars that take different fuels, as it's easy to pick up the wrong pump automatically.

A blockage in a fuel line is another frequent fault, often as a result of leaving a car unused for a long time. Avoid this issue by regularly starting up an unused car and leaving it running for a little while and not letting the tank get too empty.

Faulty cables

Older cars can suffer from broken cables in components that work the hardest, such as the throttle, brakes and clutch. The easiest way to avoid this problem is regular servicing, so that a mechanic can identify any worn cables before they fail.

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