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Ford Stuns Workers With New Announcement

By raccars Published

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Ford is trying to re-jiggle its European infrastructure, but it’s decided to reduce the UK’s production capabilities by announced it will be closing the site in Southampton and one in Dagenham. This cull means 1,500 jobs will be lost, putting plenty of people out of work.

It’s a bit of a weird move seeing as today it was announced that the UK is officially out of the recession, so why Ford feels the need to shut these plants is a bit baffling, but it’s the workers we feel for. According to the Blue Oval, the redundancy packages will be very good, but it will come as little relief for the workers who have lost their jobs.

Speaking about the closures, Stephen Odell, chairman and chief executive of Ford of Europe, said: "The proposed restructuring of our European manufacturing operations is a fundamental part of our plan to strengthen Ford's business in Europe and to return to profitable growth."

Let’s hope there are no more big announcements like this from Ford for the foreseeable future!

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