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Ford Pushing 2015 Mustang

By raccars Published

Ford has been promising great things for its next Mustang, a traditional American muscle car that the company is now keen to make a splash with in Europe. The Mustang has been around in its homeland for 50 years but, in the UK, has remained a special import. However, the sixth generation will be the first model to be sold in the UK in right hand drive format.

Ford has already confirmed that attention has been paid to the Mustang's performance and efficiency levels to make it more attractive to the European market and has now embarked upon a rather glamorous publicity campaign for the vehicle. A short film, directed by well known fashion photographer Rankin, that features Hollywood actress, Sienna Miller, is part of Ford's programme to give the Mustang a slightly less brutal and more sophisticated and cosmopolitan image.

Not that the new model can be accused of abandoning its roots – the requisite grunt is present in the form of a 5.0 litre V8 under the bonnet, offering 420bhp. There's also a more economical 2.3 litre EcoBoost version with 340bhp, that's likely to be popular in Europe. Ford has yet to release detailed statistics on fuel economy but has, in the build up to the car's release, made it clear that European customers' sensitivity to fluctuating fuel prices has been taken into account.

Indeed, Ford has some illustrious ambitions for its new, Euro-fied Mustang, citing the BMW M3 Coupe and the Porsche 911 as its competition. Among the concessions has been the disposal of the Mustang's traditional live rear axle, in favour of a smart, modern independent multi link suspension system, plus weight reductions measures to the sub frame, larger brakes and a sophisticated torque vectoring system. Six speed manual and automatic transmissions will be offered.

The Fastback Mustang will be accompanied by a Convertible from launch, with an electrically operated folding fabric roof, that can be stowed or raised within seven seconds. Of course, that soft top storage space takes away some of the boot capacity, from 383 to 324 litres.

Sizewise, the new Mustang hasn't really gained or lost anything on its predecessor but Ford has been keen to stress that a whole new approach has been taken with its design. It's still a low, wide and distinctly masculine looking beast, but the profile is sleeker than before. The interior is far more clinical in feel and boasts a higher quality fit and finish than previous editions.

Sales begin in the UK in early 2015, with prices expected around the £30,000-£35,000 mark.

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