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Ford Focus The Highest Used Seller of 2012

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Figures have been released showing that the Ford Focus was 2012's best-selling used car model, a position which has been held by its stablemate, the Fiesta, since 2007.

While 2012 was a bad year in general for used car sales, with a 0.4% decrease in units sold, there's blue sky on the horizon, thanks to healthier sales figures for new models, rising by 5.6%. 2011 saw 6,768,759 sales of used cars versus 2012's 6,743,080.

The Ford Focus was propelled to the top spot after a 4.5% increase in used sales, even though the perennially popular Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa also increased their market share by 1%. However certain sectors saw significant changes – used SUVs saw their popularity increase last year by 5.2%, compared to 2011, led by the Land Rover Freelander and its personal sales growth of 4.5%. But it seems SUVs are replacing the previously bulletproof MPVs, which saw sales of used models fall by 1.1%, the first loss in that sector since 2005.

Another and more dramatic growth sector was hybrid vehicles, which saw a huge 47% jump in sales in 2012, with the Toyota Prius alone shifting 35.7% more units than the previous year.

In general, the top ten used cars list is a familiar landscape, populated year on year with the usual suspects shifting up and down by one or two points and only the occasional interloper. Small hatchbacks dominate utterly. After the Ford Focus, 2012's top selling used vehicles list played out as follows:

2) Ford Fiesta 3) Vauxhall Corsa 4) Vauxhall Astra 5) VW Golf 6) BMW 3 Series 7) Renault Clio 8) Peugeot 206 9) Ford Mondeo 10) Volkswagen Polo

The new car market was also led by Ford, this time the Fiesta, closely followed by the Vauxhall Corsa and then the Ford Focus, the Vauxhall Astra and the VW Golf. So far, so familiar. The next car on the list may come as a slight surprise, with the practical and modern Nissan Qashqai taking sixth place. However, we're back on known territory next with the seventh best-selling new car of 2012, the BMW 3 Series. The list is rounded out by the VW Polo, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the BMW 1 Series.

The growth in new car sales versus used models is thought to be attributed to increasingly attractive deals from manufacturers, including long warranty and service packages, insurance and generous finance arrangements. A further incentive to buy new is the constantly growing problem of running costs. Newer cars are consistently more economical to run and with cleaner emissions are becoming party to congestion charge and road tax exemptions.

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