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For Dictators And Despots Only

By raccars Published

Latvia based Dartz Motorz, famous for creating assault vehicles of military grade for the wealthy and paranoid, has revealed its latest masterpiece: the Prombron Black Shark 'Spy Grey'. The original Prombron was notorious for offering a whale penis foreskin leather upholstery option, until animal rights activists kicked up a fuss and Dartz removed the option.

The company is campaigning the Black Shark as a modern spy car but there's really very little that's secret or stealthy about it - the Black Shark is huge and so ostentatious it makes Liberace look understated. There's no chance of would-be James Bonds remaining undetected while going about the business of spying in one of these monsters.

The Prombron Black Shark is formed around a Mercedes-Benz GL chassis and buyers can choose between the GL63 AMG's 5.5 litre twin turbo V8 or the GL65 AMG's 6.0 litre twin turbo V12 in modified form. Ultimately, you can get the power output up to an insane 1,500bhp. However, that facility is tame compared to the Black Shark's other virtues...

The car takes its lead from the Black Shark helicopter, so think electrochromatic tinted glass, retracting door handles that will offer a handy little electric shock to overly intrusive paparazzi, titanium and Kevlar body panels to ward off magnetic mines and a bulletproof grille that rotates, James Bond style. If you are particularly unpopular you can still feel safe travelling in a crowd in the Black Shark, thanks to B7 graded armour plating, a sniper proof roof, signal jammer and remote explosive detector.

Unauthorised entry is impossible thanks to a retina and fingerprint scanner while a high power siren and flashing light system will deter madding crowds. Integrated cameras will give you a long form view of what's going on all around.

However, the Black Shark is also luxurious, coming equipped with a Mercedes-Benz's driver assistance package, a set of hand polished sterling silver champagne flutes and neat bottle holder, a gold shisha pipe, a PS4 console and Xbox One among other toys and gadgets.

While the Black Shark is likely to take the fancy of numerous tycoons and dictators, the production run will be limited to five units, plus a pair of special editions next March for a London based father and daughter, for whom the paintwork will be finished in 'Tiffany Blue' and the bonnet will be encrusted with Swarovski crystals...

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