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Five used cars for the tightest of budgets

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We all know that the cost of motoring is a major concern to most drivers. One of the biggest expenses a motorist faces is that of depreciation, but buying a used car can avoid much of this expense. For motorists on a budget, there are some older used cars that have already experienced the bulk of that depreciation and are reliable and cheap to run. Here are five of the best.

1) Ford Mondeo

This classic motorway cruiser was built as a solid and reliable company car and can cope with huge mileages. With so many around, they tend to be better value than scarcer rivals, and parts and servicing are cheap and easy to come by. Don’t be afraid of an ex-company car model as they tend to have been looked after properly. Do look for a full service history and as few owners as possible.

2) Volvo 850

Some motorists looking for a budget car still need plenty of space and the Volvo 850 can provide that in spades. As a discontinued model, it is cheaper than the current cars but Volvo’s reputation for quality means that it is holding its value better than most. Do check that the switchgear and electrics are in working order.

3) Peugeot 306

Those who are just after a small hatchback could do a lot worse that the Peugeot 306. It looks modern, has simple mechanicals and is actually fun to drive. There are plenty of good examples around and if you can find a diesel model, then you are in for some very cost-effective motoring.

4) Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is reckoned to be the best-selling car in the history of motoring and it is worth its place on the list for this fact alone. With so many around, finding a cheap and well looked after model isn't that difficult. If you do, you will be buying one of the most reliable cars ever built. It is certainly not the most exciting car to drive and it’s not particularly good looking either. But as reliable and cheap transportation, it is hard to beat.

5) Saab 900

Just because you are in the market for a budget car, doesn't mean that you can’t have a bit of style. The Saab 900 provides a bit of badge credibility. You also get a car that is exceptionally well made and is lasting well. The Saab 900 is hovering on classic status and, if you choose carefully, you might even see your car increase in value.

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