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Five top city cars

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Our taste in cars is always changing but one of the most striking trends in recent years is towards smaller cars. A quick look at the list of Britain’s top selling cars over the years, will reveal how we have moved from full size saloons to little hatchbacks. It’s not surprising. Fuel prices have soared and the Government has rewarded drivers of the least polluting cars with reduced or an exemption from road tax, both factors that make a convincing argument for the city car. The manufacturers have been quick to see the trend and there is now a huge range of excellent little cars. Here are five great examples of city cars to tempt the urban driver.

Hyundai i10

The i10 has a spacious interior and excellent luggage space in the boot. It’s good to drive too and the most frugal models are exempt from road tax. They can also return up to 65mpg, making them cheap to run. It manages to look good, too, and stands out well in a crowded field.

Skoda Citigo

Skoda has been transformed under VW ownership and the Citigo is another example of a car that benefits hugely from a VW platform. Fuel consumption can beat even the Hyundai i10 at 69mpg and the build quality and reliability of the Citigo are unbeatable in this class. Equipment levels are also good.

Fiat Panda

The Panda has been around for many years but the latest model is a standout. It differs from other city cars on our list in having an upright stance, with a pleasingly elevated driving position, adding to a sense of solidity and safety. Steering is perfectly weighed for city driving and the large glass area offers clear all round visibility.

Kia Picanto

It looks a little more stylish and individual than many city cars and the level of equipment is admirable. It also has a seven year warranty, the balance of which is transferable to used car buyers and this could make it an extremely attractive choice for second and even third users. It feels comfortable and refined to drive and is still cheap to run.

Toyota iQ

The Toyota iQ oozes class. It also has tiny dimensions and is ideal to drive around tight city streets, which is what a good city car is all about. It still manages to squeeze in four seats into its interior and is practical for the school run. Easy to park and simple to run, the Toyota iQ also looks extremely smart and the quality of fittings feels like a bigger car.

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