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Five great used luxury cars

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One of the joys of buying a used car is that you can afford a more prestige motor than you could if you were buying a new car. The badges that may be out of your reach at the new car dealership suddenly become a lot more achievable. Here are five examples that would look great on anyone’s drive.

1) Bentley Arnage

Fancy a hand built British classic for the same price as a modest hatchback? You could be in luck. This luxurious 400hp monster weighs 2.5 tonnes but can still reach a limited 155mph top speed. CO2 emissions mean that you will be looking at road tax of £490 per year but that is probably not enough to wipe the smile off your face. A 2001 example can be yours for under £15,000.

2) Mercedes S-Class

The Mercedes S-Class is the gold standard for other luxury models to match. It has also been around for a considerable time and this means that you can pick up a 1999 model for under £3,000. For that price, you are getting more refinement and comfort than would be possible with much more expensive new cars.

3) BMW 7 Series

Staying with the Germans, BMW’s big 7 Series cruiser can be a real bargain. It may cost over £55,000 new but a 2010 model can be yours for £19,000. At this age, the BMW still has many years of trouble free driving to offer and the level of equipment on a typical SE model is generous. You will find the innovative iDrive system, along with climate control and sat-nav. BMW’s conservative approach to styling means that you have to look closely to see a difference between this and a brand new model.

4) Maserati Quattroporte

If you like superlative performance along with your luxury, then the Quattroporte could be for you. Around £28,000 will land you a 2007 4.2 litre V8 with 395hp under the bonnet. At this age, a full main dealer service history is absolutely vital, but choose carefully and you will get one of the most exciting four door cars ever built.

5) Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ offers eye-catching style and luxury reminiscent of a limousine but packs it into a car that actually offers pretty decent running costs. Like all of the large saloons on our list, it tends to depreciate faster than smaller cars and therefore there are bargains to be had. A 2011 3.0d V6, for example, can be yours for around £25,000.

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