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First Pictures Of The Lexus IS-F Coupé Released

By raccars Published

Earlier this year, Lexus motors launched its new IS 300h hybrid model. Part of Lexus's popular Sedan range, this stylish saloon car boasts some beautifully designed bodywork and finely tuned hybrid technology. Because of its supercharged dual fuel engine, the Lexus also has some impressive eco-friendly credentials. The IS 300h F – the sportier version of the original executive car - benefits from fantastically firm suspension. Currently only available in Europe, the IS 300h F has received rave reviews from motoring magazines and sports car enthusiasts, who have praised everything, from the acceleration to the steering.

Given the warm welcome which the IS 300h received when it was launched in Geneva earlier in 2013, there is no doubt that the latest addition to the Lexus line-up – the IS-F coupé – will be hotly anticipated by the Sedan's many fans. An updated version of the original IS-F sports car, launched in the UK in March 2008, the IS-F coupé should be able to beat its big brother, which put in an impressive 0-60 in under five seconds when it was tested on the track back in 2007. Although Lexus have been rather cagey about when the IS-F Coupé would be released, it seems we might not have to wait much longer. Just last week, a disguised Lexus, thought to be a prototype of the IS-F Coupé, was spotted out on a test run on a racetrack at a mystery location in Europe. Clad in a mysterious camouflage exterior, there was no mistaking the unique Lexus design when the first pictures of the prototype were released at the weekend.

While the IS 300h fights to conquer the top-of-the range executive car market the manufacturers have also brought out a marginally less powerful, but nevertheless impressive IS 250h, which also launched earlier in 2013. The 300h runs a four cylinder engine with a 2.5 litre capacity, while the 250h option runs a V6 engine. The IS-F Coupé is likely to have a more powerful V8 engine, which promises to match the 250h and the 300h for performance, whilst hopefully, having a sportier edge which is currently lacking in these two high-end models.

Sadly for UK customers, there's no guarantee that a manual version of the car will be produced for the European market, so we'll have to wait until next year to find out whether the IS-F Sport Coupé will hit British roads. We live in hope…!

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