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The Ford Fiesta is the UK's unassailably favourite car, but what are the best selling cars in other countries? In some parts of Europe you can make a safe guess with the usual suspects but in more distant and exotic spots, car buyers are choosing vehicles you've probably never heard of. Would you like to see some of these reach the UK market?

Indonesia: Toyota Avanza

The market for new cars in Indonesia has exploded from about 300,000 a decade ago to nearly 1.5 million today. Toyota is taking full advantage and claims a 48% market share. The Avanza mini-MPV is made in Indonesia, which buys more of them every year than we do Ford Fiestas - 213,458 in 2013.

Russia: Lada Granta

The Renault Nissan alliance bought Lada, once the butt of every automotive joke, the way Skoda used to be. The Russian manufacturer is having the last laugh though, dominating its domestic market and Kazakhstan with this supermini saloon.

Iran: Peugeot Pars

The French firm has a significant presence in Iran, where it renamed the 405 the Pars after a facelift. This is one of Peugeot's most important markets, where it has led the field for nearly three decades. Iranians still love the outdated Pars and built more than a quarter of a million of them in the last year.

Venezuela: Dongfeng Rich

Now a part owner of PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Chinese brand Dongfeng's Rich pick up is a badge engineered Nissan Frontier. In the politically sensitive Venezuelan market, it even outsells big names like the Toyota Corolla and Mitsubishi Lancer.

Ukraine: ZAZ Sens

A rebadged Daewoo Lanos is the most popular car in the former Soviet republic - even though the original vehicle was discontinued in 2002. The Crimean crisis decimated the Ukrainian new car market last year, leading to registrations of only 97,020. Chinese firm, Geely, and Toyota are big names in what's left of the market there, but 3,128 unit sales are enough to see the domestic name take the top spot.

China: Wuling Hong Guang

New car registrations soared from two million a decade ago to 25 million today, much of which is made by some 100 domestic manufacturers. Wuling accomplished 1.4 million unit sales at home last year, led by its Hong Guang MPV. With prices starting at £4,700, three quarters of a million Hong Guangs were sold last year, making it more successful worldwide than the Ford Fiesta.

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