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European Driving Fun This Summer

By raccars Published

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If you're taking your car to Europe on your summer holiday this year, consider taking a run on one of the following roads, which are some of the most beautiful and entertaining drives on the continent.

Malaga-Antequera in Spain

The Ronda area north of Malaga in Spain features a number of great driving roads, with almost guaranteed sunshine and some glorious mountain views. Leave Malaga on the C345 to Antequera, then head west towards Ronda, before turning south towards the coast to complete the circle. It's worth making a stop at El Torcal de Antequera nature reserve, to see the white rocks and some amazing land formations.

Futa and Raticosa passes in Italy

Both of these well known pass roads feature glorious views and plenty of hairpin bends. The road joins Bologna and Florence but the A1 autostrada bypass has relieved it of heavy traffic. Not far away is Ferrari HQ Maranello, where the museum makes an ideal diversion for auto fans.

Route Napoleon in France

Inspired by Napoleon marching to Grenoble from Elba in 1815 to see off Louis the 18th, the eponymous road was opened in 1932. That makes this road as historically interesting as it is scenic and entertaining to drive. Passing through the Alpine foothills, drivers can enjoy a fine mix of lairy corners and racing straights. Europe's version of the Grand Canyon, the breathtakingly turquoise Gorges du Verdon is well worth a quick detour - there's fishing, climbing, kayaking, or you can continue with the current theme and take a picturesque drive around the rim.

The Grossglockner road in Austria

Early Porsche sports cars were built in nearby Gmund and tested upon this dramatic high Alpine road. Make sure you keep your eyes on the road while enjoying the mountainous panorama! Named after the highest mountain in Austria, this is a toll road with booths at Ferleiten and Heiligenblut at the north and south ends, respectively.

Route 500 in Germany

This Black Forest route in Germany heads to the Swiss border driving south from Baden Baden. The impressive surroundings combine both pine forests and grand mountain vistas, while the road itself is a collection of smooth, elevated sweeps that see it regularly feature on any best driving roads in Europe list. Beware though, it's a fairly busy road, so best enjoyed in the early morning before rush hour ruins your fun.

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