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Electric car rumours continue as Aston Martin man moves to Dyson

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Aston Martin

Product development director’s appointment fuels rumours surrounding Dyson and the electric car revolution.

Rumours surrounding the prospect of a Dyson electric car have been fuelled by the appointment of a former Aston Martin boss. The tech giant's move into car production looks ever-more likely after Aston Martin’s former product development director made his own move to the company.

New era in the electric car quest

Ian Minards has the same role with electronics company Dyson as he did at Aston Martin and his appointment has added fuel to the fires of speculation surrounding the prospect of a Dyson electric car being bought to market very soon. The Dyson electric car is still a closely-guarded secret, although it did receive a reference in a recent government document. The ‘National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021’ was released earlier this year and featured brief details about government funding being given to Dyson.

The report said that the Government was providing funds to assist Dyson in the development of a battery-powered electric car at the company’s Malmesbury headquarters in Wiltshire.

Changes to delivery plan

It was reported that the delivery plan originally indicated that this development would lead to £174 million worth of investment to benefit the area and create more than 500 jobs, many of them within the engineering sector. However, the document has been altered more recently, sparking speculation that Dyson has chosen to keep its car under wraps for the maximum time possible.

The delivery plan now says that the Government is giving Dyson a grant totalling up to £16 million to support development and research into battery technology at the Malmesbury site.

Career profile update for Aston Martin expert

Ian Minards’ profile on LinkedIn, meanwhile, was updated recently to include his new Dyson job and his starting date at the company was listed as this month. An Aston Martin spokesperson said that Minards left the manufacturer to pursue alternative commitments, adding that a replacement for him at Aston Martin has been identified.

Minards worked for Aston Martin for almost two decades, having joined the company in 1997. He was involved with the early DB7 models and the Vanquish, being the chief programme engineer in the development of the first version of the latter.

He then went on to be central in the launch of 2004’s V8 Vantage and became the company’s director of product development ten years ago. During this period, Aston Martin and Minards have been involved in the launch of numerous models, the most recent of which is the DB11.

More talent for electric car project

It is understood that Minards is not the only employee from the automotive sector who has joined Dyson’s operations in Wiltshire. This has fuelled further speculation about Dyson’s plans, although the electronics specialist is refusing to be drawn on the electric car rumours.

A Dyson spokesperson said that the company would not comment regarding HR matters or staffing issues but that it was not unusual for the company to recruit talent from a variety of different backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of Dyson’s work in the development of ‘a multitude’ of different technologies.

The spokesperson added that the company had plans to recruit an additional 3,000 scientists and engineers by 2020 and is already working on projects involving over 40 universities around the world.

Dyson Ltd was founded by James Dyson in Wiltshire in July 1991. It is renowned as a technology company and manufactures and designs a wide range of products, including heaters, vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans and hand dryers. It sells its products in more than 70 countries and has over 7,000 employees around the globe.

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