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Eighties Classics Could Benefit From New MOT Regulations

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Classic car owners were delighted in 2012 when new regulations exempted cars registered pre-1960 from the obligation to pass an annual MOT. Now it seems more good news could be on the way. The EU is considering new legislation that could extend the MOT exemption to any car of 30 years old or more, unless it has been subject to significant modifications.

While critics fear this could allow unroadworthy cars free access to UK roads, supporters and classic car fans suggest that the annual MOT doesn't realistically reflect how different classic cars are from their modern equivalents. At the moment, the Department for Transport is canvassing public opinion on the idea before coming to a conclusion.

The good news is that these Eighties classics will be MOT exempt...


Helping to mould our understanding of the term 'hot hatch', the second generation GTI was released in 1984 and the freedom of an obligation to pass an MOT makes owning one just that little bit easier.

Ferrari Mondial

Possibly the cheapest way to ownership of an Italian stallion, an early Mondial can be bought for £20,000 - although running costs are wallet squeezing. Not the most dramatic of Italian sports cars, it's a nice move away from the obvious and without an MOT could be that little bit more affordable.

Ford Capri

Very much an up and coming modern classic, the Capri has a serious cult following. Its media career started with an important role in Eighties TV crime series, The Professionals, while today even teen favourite pop star, Harry Styles, has bought himself a first generation model.

Porsche 911

The term 'ultimate sports car' recurs with tedious inevitability - but it's probably true... The early Eighties was prime 911 territory, leaving plenty of little used models in great condition available now for those who want to take advantage of the new MOT regulations, to take that leap into classic ownership. Even without the MOT however, you'll need deep pockets to own one of these...


55 years old today, the Mini is as popular as ever and classic originals are particularly prized. While in general the freedom from an MOT can be seen as a bonus, in this case it could allow some very rotten Minis to go undetected that might otherwise have been spotted.

Range Rover

With newer models suffering from a reputation as obnoxious and ostentatious, an early Range Rover could be a more socially acceptable way into luxury SUV territory. At 44 years old, there should be plenty of models meeting the MOT exemption threshold.

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