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Eighties Bestsellers

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Similar to the way that they say that if you can remember the Sixties, you weren't there, a lot of what happened in the Eighties seems strange now - shoulder pads, Wham, Tom Cruise as a sex symbol... With life being cyclical by nature, unlikely as it may seem, the Eighties are newly trendy. While it may not be a good idea to start growing a rat's tail hairdo or dig your MC Hammer trousers out of the back of the wardrobe, dipping into a best selling car from the decade that style forgot might be a gentle way of experimenting with the trend:

1. Ford Escort

Although the Escort arrived on the market in 1969, it didn't really capture the public imagination until the Eighties, when it became the best selling car of the decade, thanks in part to a series of high performance editions such as the RS1600i. Many have rusted away by now but if you can find a good quality exotic, like an RS or even XR, you could have quite a good investment buy on your hands.

2. Ford Fiesta

It wasn't quite as popular as its stablemate the Escort at the time but Britain's best selling car ever used the Eighties as its warm up period for its current all conquering position. Once again it was the hot hatch versions that really sold the car to a public with a 'need for speed' in the Eighties.

3. Vauxhall Cavalier

In its usual place on the bestseller lists just behind Ford, Vauxhall did very well in the Eighties with its family car the Cavalier. However, time has been less kind and not even 1% of the 1,007,866 units registered remain on the road today.

4. Ford Sierra

1982's basic Sierra never quite captured the public imagination as successfully as its predecessor, the Cortina, but it was the basis of some truly great high performance models, such as the RS Cosworth, Ford's Group A racing effort, which is still spoken of in hushed tones today. It was replaced in 1993 by the Mondeo.

5. Austin Metro

Flying the flag for the British auto industry upon its release in 1980, the Metro originally looked like the solution to the beleaguered BL's problems. Unfortunately, the car simply wasn't quite as good or exciting as it needed to be, suffered from rust and its engines were too often raided to be used in Minis, leaving surviving models few and far between, apart from a very occasional MG Turbo or Vanden Plas 500.

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