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Eight Cars That You Do Not Want To See On A First Date

By raccars Published

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Love has been in the spotlight this Valentine's month. While it is well known that certain cars - those with the right badge, style and price tag, for example - can help to attract the opposite sex, some can have an entirely contrary effect. Driving one of these on a first date could mean you won't get a second...

Chevrolet Spark

Named last year as the least reliable car in the UK, Chevrolet Spark drivers may find themselves unwillingly standing their date up, as their clunky hatchback refuses to start. Arguably, the Spark also falls behind in the style and performance categories too.

Nissan Qashqai

It's not very often that the super successful Qashqai appears on a list of cars not to drive. While there's no arguing that the Qashqai is an excellent car, the images of family life this crossover conjures up may be a little premature for first date status. Practical, certainly, but not particularly romantic.

Renault Twizy

Green freaks may be impressed by the super clean and economical Twizy, but there's something distinctly unsociable and inequitable in forcing your date to converse with the back of your head.

Volvo V70

Another very competent car let down by its unromantic associations. Hire firm, Europcar, carried out a survey that suggested women on a first date were completely turned off by estate cars, so maybe see if you can borrow a mate's luxury saloon or sporty hatchback instead...

Ssangyong Rodius

People carriers are a no-no for the same reasons as estates and crossovers, but the main problem with the Rodius is that it is really, really ugly.

Lotus Elise

In theory a very sexy little sports car, the Elise also requires a contortionist's skill to get in and out. First dates could find themselves feeling pretty awkward and uncomfortable, as they flash their unmentionables negotiating the passenger seat.

Renault Megane R26.R

A truly great hot hatch, the Megane R26.R is not a great first date car - partly because of its boy racer image but also because the internal scaffolding and six point racing harness could leave your date with the memory of a rollercoaster ride, rather than elegant dining.

Ariel Atom

There's nothing alluring or attractive about wearing a crash helmet, particularly on hair which has been carefully teased into place in anticipation of a hot date. Going without a helmet is an even worse option, with said hair turning into a bird's nest, not to mention the discomfort of grit in the eyes and dead flies plastered to cheeks...

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