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Eco hot-hatch From VW

By raccars Published

Volkswagen always pushes the boundaries with technology and innovation, but when it introduced the economical ‘Bluemotion’ spec for its VW Polo and VW Golf models it really did change the game. The Bluemotion cars were incredible economical but yet looked like a normal car – it was the ideal stealth eco-car. Now though, VW has taken its hand to trying to turn a relatively hot-hatch into an eco-hot-hatch.

And they’ve ended up with this, the Polo BlueGT. So, the specs? Well, it’ll do 130mph and get to 62mph in just 7.9 seconds – so definitely fast enough to please most people. And then they tell you the eco stats: 61mpg! So this car can do 130mph and yet still achieve 61mpg when you’re not fighting off 1990’s Vauxhall Corsas…. Damn!

Well played, VW. Very well played.

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