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Easy Entry Classics

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You don't have to be a trained mechanic or millionaire to enter the classic car market. The following are all ideal first classics for those looking to dip a toe into the waters, without breaking the bank.


The MGB Roadster has long been a favourite among novice classic car owners, because it's easy to maintain, fun to drive and boasts a helpful and enthusiastic owners community. There's so much advice and practical assistance available from the numerous clubs and specialists focusing on the MGB. There's a wide price range, dependent upon model specifications, but £6,000 should get you a good compromise between budget and condition from the early Seventies.

Citroen 2CV

The funky 2CV boasts bags of retro charm and a distinctive driving experience, making it a great first time classic buy. Again there's lots of support on hand from specialists and clubs, which makes the ownership experience much easier. Decent examples can be found for £5,000.

Ford Anglia 105E

Unmistakably Sixties in style, the Anglia 105E is an up and comer in the classic car world, so buy now while you can still afford it. It makes a change from the usual suspects and, thanks to the Ford badge, parts are cheap and plentiful. It's also a great introduction for amateur mechanics as it's all fairly simple under the bonnet.

Morris Minor

1948-1971 Morris Minors are a relative bargain, with tidy 1960s examples going for £2,500. A well looked after Minor from that era still has plenty to offer and it's surprisingly fun to drive - agile around corners with neat, responsive steering.

Triumph Herald

The Herald was an extremely popular Sixties saloon and considered very modern at the time. It looks smart and is a willing performer, with decent examples now commanding £3,000. The coupe or convertible versions cost more but look even better, if you can find one.

Volvo 121

More often known as the Volvo Amazon, the 121 arrived in 1958 and remained on sale for 12 years, going through various updates along the way. Later examples were nippy but all Amazons are as robust and well built as you'd expect from a Volvo. £5,000 will get you a reasonable everyday user and newly popular classic.

Porsche 924

It's not as eye catching as a 911 but the Porsche 924 is gaining in popularity in the classics world. £3,000 should get you a 2.0 litre model, while a Turbo version will be more like £5,000. The 924 was released in 1977 with a controversial Audi engine, but mid Eighties versions make the best buy now, with a great 2.5 litre engine.

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