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Easter Eggs All Year Round

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This year's spring chocolate fest is over, but for those who like surprises, there are Easter eggs available all year round - but they are not made of chocolate. Hidden features or messages found in video games or films also go by the term Easter eggs, and it seems car manufacturers are also fond of installing surprises...

Skoda Superb

Does Skoda secretly harbour ambitions to become the Czech equivalent of Rolls-Royce? A neat feature in the new Superb would suggest so, judging by the clever umbrella compartment secreted in the doors. It's not particularly expensive or innovative, but is definitely useful. Well done, Skoda.

Skoda Octavia

Similarly practical, Skoda Octavia owners must be delighted on cold winter mornings to realise they don't have to dig out an ice scraper from the depths of the garage, as Skoda has kindly provided one which fits neatly inside the fuel filler cap. Of course, its convenience relies upon Skoda owners remembering to return it to its home after use...

Jeep Renegade

Jeep is very proud of its new Renegade's fuel economy figures. To celebrate, it has placed a little spider relief within the fuel filler cap with a message saying 'Ciao baby,' The rather convoluted meaning behind this is that so seldom will you need to fill it that cobwebs will develop within the filler cap... Other little Easter eggs hidden within the Renegade include references to the brand's iconography, such as unexpected instances of the Jeep grille and topographical map reliefs.

Tesla Model S

The Model S is clearly aimed at rock stars - referencing the legendary Spinal Tap, the volume dials go 'up to 11.' Very cool. Tesla founder, Elon Musk, clearly has a sense of humour, because an even cooler feature hidden within the Model S is a Lotus Esprit submarine setting - yes, as in James Bond's underwater Esprit. Press the Tesla on the car's infotainment touchscreen for a few seconds and you will be asked to enter a code. Type '007' and the display will become the same used by the Esprit in submarine mode in 'The Spy Who Loved Me.' The Model S keyfob is also designed in the shape of the car - it looks good but is not particularly easy to hang on a ring with your other keys and put into your pocket.

Ford Mustang

The latest Mustang proudly celebrates its origins whenever you open the front doors, by projecting a light in the shape of the Mustang pony logo onto the floor, like a kind of low profile Bat Signal. Which superhero do they expect to respond?

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