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Eagle E-Type Converting Classics Fans

By raccars Published

The Eagle E-Type Low Drag Coupe may be considered to have delusions of grandeur. After all, the Jaguar E-Type is one of the most celebrated classics of all time, the reincarnation of which is something not to be taken lightly. Nonetheless, after 18 months and 6,000 man hours, Eagle has completed its E-Type tribute.

So far, only one model has been completed. The car is available to order, but at £650,000, it will always be a rare beast – and so it should. It's a supremely desirable car and severe exclusivity is only fitting.

Eagle has combined the original E-Type blueprint with the huge advances made in automotive engineering since the car originally appeared. The result adheres to the elegant Sixties principles that gave the E-Type its legendary status, but brought the vehicle bang up to date. The engine is a Jaguar unit, tuned to Eagle specifications, while other components are a mixture of the two names.

Behind the wheel, the Eagle E-Type is indeed exceptional. The power output is brutal, with 345bhp for a 1,038kg kerb weight. Vital statistics include 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds and a traditional, five speed manual gearbox. It's a civilised car, nonetheless, with modern convenience features aplenty – powered steering, climate control, plush upholstery and a very civilised, purring exhaust note.

The cabin is compact but not cramped and decorated with the appropriate retro theme. The switchgear is luxuriously substantial, and the gearshift and clutch are pleasantly weighty, but smooth. What the reborn E-Type offers over the original is thoroughly 21st century performance. The Eagle badge is entirely appropriate, as this thing soars, leaving the original big cat trailing in its wake.

The newly available traction will also be a revelation to those familiar with the original E-Type, although Eagle is still making adjustments to achieve a perfect balance between under and oversteer. The ride is impeccably refined, suitable for the sort of restrained cruising that gives no clue to the capacity for menace lurking under the bonnet.

Tampering with automotive sacred cows often provokes disdain or even disgust, but it's hard to be unimpressed by anything Eagle has done with its take on the E-Type. The company has furthered the excellence of the original, rather than diluted it, the result being what every E-Type fan imagines Jaguar would have made at the time, had the equivalent technology been available.

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