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Dune edition of VW Beetle hits LA Motor Show

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The rugged and stylish VW Beetle Dune has made its maiden appearance at the motor show in Los Angeles.

VW is set to release a limited number of an unusual new variant of the Beetle known as the Dune, with hatchback and soft top models making an appearance at last week’s LA motor show, according to AutoCar. And with bright golden paint jobs, beefed-up bumpers and additional ground clearance, this is a pseudo-SUV which brings a summery vibe with it; a welcome diversion from the wintry weather we are currently experiencing.

The Beetle Dune was initially introduced as a one-off concept car last year. However, VW has subsequently decided to put it into full production and will be selling it in the UK in the first half of next year. So for those who like the look of the standard Beetle range but want to stand out from the crowd and perhaps go off the beaten track without damaging the undercarriage, this model will be a welcome addition to the range.

Striking visual updates

The vibrant colour of the Beetle Dune is just one of the features that helps make this car especially eye-catching. It will also turn heads thanks to the presence of a spoiler at the rear, decals on the windows and side panels as well as impressive 18 inch alloy rims wrapped in larger tyres than are found on any other model. Even the tail lights, which are created using LEDs, have been revamped to make sure that this special edition really lives up to expectations. And the 10mm increase to the ride height, together with added width to the tracking all serve to give the car a more planted, rugged look than its stable mates.

The golden paint job is echoed by touches to the interior, with this colour replicated across elements such as the stitching on the upholstery and steering wheel as well as the panels of the dash. The sunny demeanour this creates in the Beetle Dune will definitely find favour with some buyers, although it may not be for everyone. This is presumably why it is going to be a special edition, albeit one which for the moment doesn't appear to have a set limit in terms of the numbers scheduled for production.

Engines, options and pricing

VW is not restricting the Beetle Dune when it comes to engine choice. There will be five in total, ranging from a basic 1.2 litre petrol unit through to a 2.0 litre diesel power plant; in short the same selection as can be found on the standard Beetle range. The same goes for gearboxes, with buyers able to select between six or seven speed manual or auto set-ups depending on individual preferences.

The full details about the options and extras have yet to be revealed, although the Beetle Dune is seemingly bristling with unique touches and special features, meaning that it may not be necessary to select too many add-ons. This will probably play into its pricing, with the hatchback being cheaper than the cabriolet when it goes on sale in the UK. Although VW has not announced specific UK costs for this special edition, it will probably fall somewhere between the £16,275 and £26,345 price points occupied by the entry level and top tier models in the current VW Beetle range.

While VW has yet to go the whole hog and build a dedicated SUV based upon the legendary Beetle range, this Dune edition does edge things towards this increasingly popular segment of the car market.

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