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DS Stepping Into The Spotlight

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Now that Citroen has confirmed that its luxury offshoot brand, DS, will be going it alone as an independent marque, the firm has been revealing some ambitious plans for the future. The CEO of DS, Yves Bonnefont, has confirmed that new models are on the way along with hotter versions of existing ones.

The plan is to offer a six model line up, including larger classes, such as saloons and SUVs, claiming these to be the source of higher profit margins. DS intends to aim these squarely at the money - which is apparently to be found in the booming Chinese market. The firm's strategy for growth revolves around doubling its current DS3, 4 and 5 ranges, with another three products for the international market, while retaining the existing DS5, 5LS and DS6 which are produced and sold in China only. Two hundred cities across the globe have been identified as hot spots for auto sales and DS will be focusing its marketing on these for its new, larger models.

Bonnefont has acknowledged the importance of the Citroen network of dealerships in the sub brand's success so far, with 500,000 models sold, and despite its newly granted independent status, the firm intends to continue to exploit the relationship. Retail presence will be split into three different levels: stand alone DS only facilities, 'DS Salons' - 200m square departments to be located within Citroen dealerships and distinguished by branded d*cor and separate staff, and 'DS Corners', smaller zones similar to those already dedicated to DS at Citroen. The transformation will take place over the coming three to five years, starting with expanding the existing 66 DS dealer network in China to 100 DS Stores in 2015.

With the bread and butter of his six model line up established, Bonnefont intends to work on a high performance range to cement the brand's territory. The brand's overall philosophy will be to offer avant garde design combined with technology and luxury, so sportier, DS Racing versions will be an accessory to, rather than the sine qua non, of the DS range.

The future of DS Racing on the track has yet to be determined at this stage, despite confirming an entry into next year's World Rally Championship with the DS3 WRC. After 2015 DS has made no racing commitments and Bonnefont refused to discuss future technologies relating to DS Racing machines.

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