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Driving You Mad

By raccars Published

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For some people, driving is simply a means to an end, a way of getting from A to B. For others, it is a most enjoyable end in itself. Whichever of these two camps you fall into, you will have experienced some irritations and annoyances behind the wheel. If you've ever ground your teeth at any of these, you're in good company...

Bad manners

It's a very British thing to leave a gap to allow another driver to exit a slip road ahead of you, or to slow down to give another car space to pull out of a junction. However, the minimum you should expect in return is a quick wave of a hand to acknowledge your courtesy, ideally accompanied by a jaunty flash of the headlights to show appreciation. When this basic courtesy fails to materialise, we Brits feel distinctly aggrieved.

Satnav rage

A new cultural phenomenon? Even if you're the compulsive type who updates their satnav religiously every week, sometimes your device rebels. It tries to take you the wrong way down one way streets or delivers you cheerfully to a dead end, in a back street full of deserted buildings, when you're looking for the town centre. It's little consolation that it's nothing personal.

Lane jiggling

Another peculiarly British habit is to carefully join the traffic next to you as soon as you see a sign that your lane will be closing ahead, forming part of a slow but polite queue, patiently accepting your fate. However, what's he up to next to you? Yep, there's always at least one irritating oik who insists on speeding right up to the point of closure in the now empty lane next to you, before moving over, leapfrogging you and all the other mild mannered queuers by at least five cars. Grrrr....

Bumper stickers

Was there ever a more obvious sign of a mid life crisis than a novelty sign on the back of a sedate mum and dad mobile saying 'One life, live it'? Or how about 'Caution, grumpy old git at the wheel' - oh what a card, what a sense of self-awareness! They're horrible and your car looks better as nature intended it.

The middle way

Mr 2.0 TDI won't drive in the 'slow lane' because he doesn't drive slow. Mr 'I feel inadequate' finds speeding up the fast lane makes his ego so much more comfortable, while Grandma in the middle lane thinks that's the safest place to be, because there's always somewhere to go if trouble appears. They're all wrong - stay to the left unless you are genuinely overtaking.

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