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Drivers Lacking In Specs Appeal

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Vanity could be making Britain's roads more dangerous, as 12.5% of drivers who need glasses neglect to wear them while driving. A One Poll survey questioned people's attitudes to driving with corrective lenses, asking 1,000 drivers who need glasses if they always wear them at the wheel and if not, why not.

The results showed that of those drivers who admitted not using their glasses while driving, nearly half - 43% - blamed vanity for not doing so. Others claimed that wearing their glasses while driving was 'too much hassle' and others that they simply forgot to put their glasses on. The worst offenders were younger drivers, with the under 44s group 15 times more prone to driving without glasses than their over 55 counterparts.

However, using corrective lenses if you need them while driving is a legal requirement and drivers risk penalty fines or being banned from driving if they fail to use their glasses at the wheel. Police called to serious accidents do check drivers' vision and serious consequences can apply if it is found that a driver involved was not wearing glasses at the wheel if they need them. In the worst case scenario, a failure to wear corrective lenses that results in a fatal accident could lead to a charge of death by dangerous driving and a possible jail sentence of up to fifteen years.

Motorists who need glasses while driving are urged to always keep a spare pair in their car in case they forget their standard spectacles.

The One Poll survey showed that the public attitude towards wearing corrective lenses is rather poor. A number of survey respondents claimed to remove their spectacles for important meetings or when having photographs taken. Eight in ten glasses wearers remove them while having sex, one in three to take a 'selfie' photograph and a third of people who need glasses don't use them on a date or for a night out. Over half of the people questioned have thought about having laser surgery to avoid having to wear glasses again.

The One Poll survey was commissioned by a laser eye surgery company, which has found that a number of people coming to them for corrective surgery have complained that they suffer an uncomfortable glare on their glasses while driving and that this is one of their considerations when planning laser surgery.

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