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Drive To Your Holiday This Year

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Weigh up the benefits of a driving holiday against the disadvantages - freedom from suitcase weight limits versus a constant refrain of 'are we there yet?' Freedom from timetables compared to the tyranny of following a display screen full of 'flight delayed' notices, the horror of lost luggage against the possibility of traffic jams. Pricewise, a driving holiday may or may not work out cheaper than an all inclusive package deal, but if you dislike flying and enjoy taking to the open road, it can be far more enjoyable.

The Dordogne, France

A long day's drive from the South of England, the Dordogne region represents the picture postcard vision of France. Summer weather tends to be better here than in Britain and there's plenty of wine, croissants and smelly cheese to enjoy to boot. Camping in the Dordogne makes a great family holiday but make sure you take plenty of insect repellent and sunscreen.

The Italian Lakes

In the northern part of Italy, the lakes region comes with a recommendation from Hollywood heart throb, George Clooney, who famously owns a house on Lake Como. Picturesque villages line the coasts of clear, blue waters surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery, for a mixture of fairytale romance and sophisticated elegance. A good day's drive from Calais, the lakes offer a more sedate family break, with plenty of boating, hiking, pasta and pizza.

Bruges, Belgium

An ideal short break destination, Bruges is a city break with a picturesque medieval flavour. It's a paradise for gastronomes, shopaholics and history buffs alike and, at only an hour from Calais and with a vibrant Christmas market, is popular all year round.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Another easy reach destination, Amsterdam blends modern, multi-cultural sophistication with quaint architecture and a laid back atmosphere. Don't be put off by its reputation as a stag do destination, there's so much more to offer in this beautiful, canal lined city.

Black Forest, Germany

About eight hours from Calais, the Black Forest area of South West Germany provides plenty of outdoor entertainment. It combines wooded campsites with local traditions, glorious scenery and Black Forest gateau, ideal for active hiking types and families.

Bilbao, Spain

You can drive all the way through France or take the ferry to busy Bilbao, a destination which could be all things to all men - there is a cosmopolitan city centre, as well as sunny beaches, rivers, mountains and forests all within easy reach of each other. It can satisfy even the diverse interests of large groups. While you enjoy a day of culture and shopping, they can go hiking!

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