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Discovering the best Land Rover out there

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Land Rover Discovery

In praise of the used Land Rover Discovery

I am regularly asked to recommend cars that suit different needs – a family estate, hot hatch or executive cruiser. When I’m asked the question “I need a big car that has tons of space, is incredibly reliable and not too expensive to buy or operate?” there is only ever one answer – the Land Rover Discovery

Let me lay out a few of the many things I like about the Discovery:

1. It is huge inside without looking it or feeling it to drive

2. It has some of the most comfortable seats I’ve ever sat in – the front ones look like armchairs but are incredibly comfortably even on long trips, with a great driving position

3. Talking of seats, it has seven of them – and two are pop-ups that stow away for more boot space and improved rear visibility

4. The latest version – the Discovery 4 – has been with us untouched for 8 years and therefore there are lots of older ones that offer great value

5. The previous Discovery 3 which was around from 2004-2009 looks almost identical and is therefore an ever better used buy

6. There is essentially only one engine you can choose – a 3 litre diesel on the Discovery 4, it’s a 2.7 diesel on the Discovery 3

7. The interior specifications are limited too – it might sound strange but in choosing a used car I can get overwhelmed by options. The Discovery offers just good (XS), better (GS) and best (HSE)

8. It retains value superbly – even early 2009 Discovery 4s are around £25,000 – and you can put unlimited mileage on them and still sell it on afterwards

On RAC Cars this week my favourite would be this incredible end-of-Series 3 2009 cars in top HSE specification with under 50,000 miles on it – for less than £18,000.

Wishing you a week of happy, safe and economical driving

Robert Diamond

Managing Director, RAC Motoring Services

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