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Discover the new Aston Martin DB11

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All of the facts on this year’s much-heralded DB9 replacement, the new Aston Martin DB11

The wait is almost over for many of the buyers who ordered the new Aston Martin DB11 after it was launched earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The new Aston Martin is about to hit the roads as a replacement for James Bond’s car of choice, the iconic DB9.

More power and space

The Aston Martin DB9, which debuted in 2003, is being substituted by a car that is promising not just more power but extra cabin space as well, all for a price tag that starts at £154,900.

Fans have been heralding the new styling and efficiency of the ‘dynamically gifted’ DB11 and praising the extra space provided for both the driver and their rear seat passengers. There is also a new in-house-designed twin-turbo V12 600bhp engine for buyers to enjoy, whilst the car still manages to be instantly recognisable as an Aston Martin.

Design features of the new Aston Martin

From its bold grille to its LED headlights and clamshell bonnet, the new Aston Martin DB11 is appealing to car buyers who want a vehicle that appears both clean and classy. The look is further emphasised by the dual exhausts, a diffuser and the DB11’s sculpted rear lights which have been designed to sit snugly in the bodywork.

Aston Martin has deliberately avoided showy badges on the exterior of the DB11 too, opting instead for two little V12 signatures sitting on the wings at the front.

Performance and technology

The new Aston Martin DB11 boasts advanced aero technology. This includes a wing-based Curlicue that releases and directs high pressure air down the sides. The air coming from the wheel arch travels past the car’s B-pillar through what the company has termed an Aeroblade in its bodywork. This allows the air to be directed to the rear, travelling under the lid of the boot.

Engine alterations to enhance flexibility

Beneath the bonnet, there is no sign of the usual naturally aspirated V12. Instead, there is a twin-turbo version that aims to boost fuel economy and offer added flexibility.

With its 700NM of torque and 600bhp, the DB11 is the most powerful car of its kind ever made by Aston Martin. It has a maximum speed of 200mph and can get from zero to 62mph in 3.9 seconds. It also boasts cylinder deactivation to reduce CO2 emissions.

The DB11’s automatic eight-speed ZF gearbox offers a range of driving modes, including Sport+, Sport and GT, together with dynamic torque vectoring. The new power-steering aims to boost both ride comfort and agility.

The sound of quality

The DB11 comes complete with a stereo by Bang and Olufson, auto-park assist and a 360-degree camera. For passengers and drivers who want to sit back and enjoy the sounds, there is more cabin space thanks to the relocation of the front wheels 65mm further forward than those of the DB9. And the rear even boasts Isofix mounts for child seats.

The bodyshell is said to be in the region of 20kg lighter than the DB9 and is the stiffest the manufacturer has ever created. This reinforces a claim that no part of this car has been stolen from the DB9 and that the only common feature is the process of production.

Aston Martin also claims that the DB11 is the most customisable car that the company has ever created. Buyers can alter everything from the colour of the outside roof panels to the car’s interior to suit their personal preferences and priorities.

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