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Did You Fall For Any Of These?

By raccars Published

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Ahhh, carmakers. They're a comedic bunch, coming up with various hysterically funny (or not...) April fool jokes to amuse the public every 1 April. This year saw these automotive comedy gems attempt to pull the wool over car buyers' eyes.

Skoda Shadechange

Skoda banked upon the public's fondness for personalisation options to make this one look realistic. It advertised the first body colour changing system than could not only be operated by the touch control infotainment screen, but would select individual panels to come up with a kind of stomach churning patchwork effect, available on its Fabia supermini. The public must have thought this a bargain at £500, but did anyone actually try to order it?

Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi Kebabi

It may have been designed as a joke, but surely there's a market for Vauxhall's kebab making car van? Based upon the Combi Vivaro nine seater, the Taxi Kebabi will solve any issues of hunger while on the move, coming as it does with a couple of gas powered rotisserie grills and armrests with neat little mouldings to hold salad bowls. Optional extras include a chilli sauce dispenser, while Vauxhall has clearly put some serious research and development investment into this project, kitting it out with wipe clean vinyl seat and floor coverings. Is this really an April fool or in fact a genuinely good idea?

Nissan GYM

Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi Kebabi owners should think about investing in one of these: the Nissan GYM button is an optional extra feature for the Qashqai and X-Trail models, which disables all driver assistance functions, including power steering, to turn the car into a sort of mobile gym. The assumption is that the heavy steering and clunky manual controls could provide a good work out. It's not a great joke. Marks are awarded for effort, but the overall grade is 'must try harder' for this 1 April prank.

VW Caddy Mini Maxi

Volkswagen cleverly managed to combine some stealth advertising with its April fool this year. The German firm stuck with Photoshop rather than actually chopping up a Caddy van to come up with a one seater micro van capable of carrying no more than a sandwich and a screwdriver in the cargo hold. However, it took the opportunity to let the public know that it is working on an all new Caddy van to be available by the end of the year - that's a real Caddy van, not an April fool’s prank.

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