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Details of the new Renault Zoe revealed

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Renault Zoe & Leaf

Renault’s new all-electric Zoe has gone on sale complete with a new Signature Nav trim and a range boost.

Renault’s new Zoe is now available to buy, with prices starting from £13,995 for an entry-level model and from £17,845 for a car with a larger battery. The basic Zoe shares the same 149-mile range as the old model but all of the higher trims will get a 41kw battery, boosting the range to 250 miles.

The starting prices for the Zoe with the 41kW battery includes the plug-in car grant from the Government. The new Renault can be ordered now and will hit the showrooms in January.

New levels of Renault kit

Thanks to its new Signature Nav trim, the new Zoe offers the potential for more kit than has ever been seen before in a totally electric supermini. Buyers choosing the range-topping trim will benefit from heated leather seats, a rear parking camera, 16-inch alloys and a Bose stereo. It also comes with satellite navigation as standard, as does the Dynamic Nav model, priced from £18,595, and the Expression Nav range, which starts at £13,995.

The new 2017 Zoe also offers a selection of new paint colours. Titanium Grey and Mars Red are added to the range which was extended by Zircon Blue in 2016. The Signature Nav trim buyer can also choose the exclusive Yttrium Grey colour option.

The updated Renault Zoe was revealed at this year’s Paris motor show, where it was the near doubling of its range that attracted the most attention. Renault claims the cars with the larger batteries can go for up to 250 miles on a single charge. The 41kW battery vehicles also offer their owners a fast charge option. This Q90 charge feature will add £750 to the price tag but can allow the car to charge by 80 per cent in a little over an hour. However, this option reduces the car's maximum range down to 230 miles.

The Renault Zoe in the real world

The range also drops from the NEDC figures when it comes to Renault’s own real-world range estimations. Under real-world conditions, the Zoe with the larger battery should return 186 miles, according to the company. This compares with the old car’s return of 106 miles. This still marks a significant range extension compared with the Renault Zoe’s main competitor, the Nissan Leaf.

To add to the convenience of its extended-range Zoe, Renault also gives drivers the opportunity to make use of two new apps accessed through the R-Link infotainment system. The ZE Pass and ZE Trip apps allow owners to find public charging points in locations around Europe.

New power for older cars

Existing owners of the Renault Zoe, meanwhile, can benefit from the car’s new and better battery, although this won’t allow their vehicles to match the 250-mile range offered by the new car. This is because the latest model also features other updates which cannot be retro-fitted to older models. The company has not yet confirmed how far an older car with the improved battery is likely to be able to travel on a single charge, although it is estimated that the maximum will probably be about 200 miles.

Renault offers Zoe owners the chance to buy batteries outright or lease them for between £49 and £110-a-month. The company also offers buyers other options including 17-inch wheels for £310 and £150 remote services to allow owners to use their smartphones to control settings in the car including the heating and the air conditioning.

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