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Demand For Hypercars Rises

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As if super or hypercars weren't expensive enough, it seems demand is so high that there are long waiting lists for delivery. Some buyers, not prepared to wait around or not quick enough to get their names down for limited run models, are even paying a premium over the already breathtaking asking price, to make sure they get their hands on the world's most amazing cars.

Porsche Macan

A very modest entry on the list, the Porshe Macan is nonetheless changing hands for up to £6,000 more than its £40,276 asking price, such is the demand for Porsche's new 'entry level' sporty SUV. Porsche's UK allocation is full until way into 2015, and it's likely to be the rather special S Diesel that's causing the excitement.

Lamborghini Huracan

The replacement for the super successful Gallardo already seems to be following in its footsteps. Only very recently available in the UK, some buyers are paying a £30,000 premium over the £186,760 list price already. The Gallardo was the most popular Lamborghini ever - could the Huracan take its crown?

Porsche 918 Spyder

The already expensive 918 Spyder is in serious demand from hypercar fans who are prepared to pay not only the £651,092 official price, but an extra £200,000 to get their hands on a set of keys! With a 918 model production run, there should be plenty to go around, but its amazing prowess is getting hypercar buyers very hot under the collar. Its 887bhp gets the 918 around Germany's famous Nurburgring race track in less than seven minutes - and if the purchase price has left your wallet rather light, fuel economy is an impressive 94.2mpg with a 20 mile range on electric only.

McLaren P1

At 916bhp it's even more powerful than the 918 and only 375 will be made, all of which have already been sold. There will be a few special edition P1 GTR track cars further down the line, the exact number is as yet unknown, but these will only be offered to those who already own the original P1. The result is interested parties offering a £300,000 premium on top of the £866,000 list price.

Ferrari LaFerrari

The most expensive and powerful of the lot is the Ferrari LaFerrari at a jaw dropping £1,200,000 and 963bhp and it seems this is the car everyone really wants. The 499 model production run sold out even quicker than the P1, but the unlucky buyers who didn't get their names on the list quickly enough are hoping an extra £1,000,000 will swing it for them.

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