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Demand far exceeds supply for Ford GT

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Applications to own the Ford GT have been closed at more than 6,500 entries.

Ford hasn't released specific figures for its projected production of the GT but is expected to limit capacity at approximately 250 units per annum. Even with prices starting at £300,000, nearly 11,000 people expressed an interest in ownership. 6,506 of those have submitted completed applications which Ford now has to analyse to come up with a list of lucky owners. More than 500 of those applications have been made by would-be customers in the UK.

Ford GT online configurator

Ford plans to prioritise previous GT owners but the rest of us can enjoy playing with the online GT configurator, which allows you to plan how you would specify the car - not that there are that many customisation options on offer as paint colours, wheel designs and interior trim choices are limited. Nonetheless, for many of us that's the closest we'll get to buying a Ford GT and more than 200,000 people have indulged in online configuration to date.

The forthcoming Ford GT made its debut at last year's Detroit Motor Show and came to Europe two months later, at March's Geneva Motor Show. While order books have been opened and closed already for the first 500 units, Ford hasn't given a delivery date as yet for potential customers.

First generation Ford GT

The new GT is not your average Ford. It looks barely road legal and comes with 600bhp. It was designed as a 50th anniversary tribute to the Ford GT40's win at Le Mans in 1966. A first generation GT was released in 2004, with 4,038 made in total. About 100 of these were sold in Europe as exports.

The same sort of rush for ownership was seen for the original GT and demand exceeded supply then too. The Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson was an owner and despite his initial glowing report ended up demanding a refund after his GT's aftermarket alarm system caused a number of problems.

At the time, the first generation GT pioneered a number of innovative automotive technologies and was blisteringly fast, recorded covering 0-60mph in just 3.3 seconds and going on to a top speed of 205mph. Unfortunately it only managed about 12 miles to the gallon!

The new GT

The new GT is due to take part in this year's 24 Hours at Le Mans and a prototype has been spotted out and about on the roads of Michigan. It's a dramatic looking car with a low, sharkish front end and a sharp, pugnacious rear. It is vaguely reminiscent of the 1966 GT40 but manages to be thoroughly modern in design. It's familiar but not at all retro.

There's some very modern engineering gone into the engine too, which is a mid-mounted 3.5 litre V6 EcoBoost unit with twin turbochargers. The body shell is mostly carbon fibre and, according to Ford, provides the best power to weight ratio seen on a production car and the glorious profile is lifted straight from Formula One.

Development of the GT was highly secretive, conducted in a locked, windowless basement by a small, carefully picked team. They came up with an engine more complex and cleverer than that of an F22 military jet or a Boeing 787. Only the upper echelons of management were privy to the concept's existence and Ford used a combination of experienced hands and fresh young minds to complete the project within record time - 14 months from start to finish.

The finished product is very racy and absolutely gorgeous - it couldn't be further from the 'Mondeo Man' image which characterised the Fords of old.

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