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Death Trap Rally Takes In Kent, Luxembourg and Berlin

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This September sees the first edition of a road trip with a difference. The three day event will appeal to petrolheads and rock and roll fans alike and takes place from 19-21st September, followed by another, even crazier edition from 6-13th June 2015.

The first event, DTR 2014 September Shakedown, is a 1,000 mile 'Euro-thrash' for 15-20 cars. It doesn't matter what you drive as this event is all about the journey, with parties both nights featuring live music acts. The route, starting in Ashford, Kent, takes in six countries over three days. After leaving Ashford, the cars make their way, via Eurotunnel, to Amsterdam for the first night. The next morning the group sets off for Germany's famous Nurburgring for a thrilling spin around the 14 mile circuit in the style of an F1 ace, before driving on to Luxembourg City for a second night of partying. On the way home the trip passes through France, stopping off at the old race track at Reims along the way.

However this is merely a warm up for the main event, 2015's Death Trap Rally. Again starting in Ashford on 6th June, the first stop is Luxembourg City, taking a spin around the Nurburgring again on day two en route to Berlin, where the evening's mayhem will include base jumping from the hotel roof... Day three features a point to point from Berlin to Kaunas, moving on to Riga and the shooting range for day four. The night will be spent on a cruise ship to Stockholm before spending the following day traversing Sweden, reaching Norway and spending the night in Oslo, then Copenhagen the following day. The final location of the 3,000 mile trip is Amsterdam.

Accommodation will be provided each night as part of the deal and, true to form, there will be rock and roll and spectacular entertainment at every juncture for those who think they're brave enough...

The alternative motoring event will donate 10% of any profits made to charity - specifically ABF The Soldiers Charity and Reach Out Worldwide. Trip participants are also encouraged to use the event to raise money for charities of their choice.

The idea is the brainchild of James Stockdale, created with the dual idea of having a lot of fun and helping some worthy causes, but places are limited so interested drivers shouldn't waste any time if they want to join in.

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