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David Hasselhoff sells Knight Rider star car, KITT

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David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff has sold his iconic co-star in the hit TV series, Knight Rider, for a reported £90,000. The TV show was hugely successful in the 1980s, running for 100 episodes from 1982 to 1986. In the show, Hasselhoff played the detective, Michael Knight, who had an unusual partner in the shape of a talking car, KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand). The car was a substantially customised Pontiac Firebird Trans AM, featuring an odd W-shaped steering wheel, scissor doors and the famous flickering red lights on the dashboard that lit up with KITT’s voice.

The Hoff received an exact replica of the car in 2012 as a 60th birthday present from the original KITT’s designer, Jennifer Catano. The replica car had all the features of the original, right down to the flickering red lights and a huge collection of more than 4,000 of KITT’s original voice effects. During a speech at the Cambridge Union, however, the actor revealed that he had sold the car in April this year. His 60 minute talk at the Union saw the actor look back on his fame as Michael Knight, commenting: "I can’t believe Knight Rider affected so many people in such a positive way." He then revealed to his audience that he had sold the car to a buyer in Turkey for $150,000. The car was sold on an online auction site, where it was only expected to fetch $50,000.

The replica KITT car is completely road legal and has been driven by Hasselhoff on his travels all over Europe. In 2012 it had the ignominy of being given a parking ticket at the Manchester Opera House, where Hasselhoff was inside, starring as Captain Hook in a Peter Pan pantomime. Hasselhoff treated students at the Cambridge Union talk to some self deprecating comments about his status as an ‘international sex symbol' and commented about the origin of his famous nickname, saying: "The Hoff found me, I didn’t find the Hoff, I picked it up." He also reflected on having an unusual name in his younger days, revealing: "I said, ‘Dad, you know all the teasing I took for the name Hasselhoff? Now it’s the most famous name in the world’."

The famous car is just one of many items being sold at the well known memorabilia auction site, Julien’s Auctions. Other items include a model of The Hoff in his famous Baywatch swimming trunks, a Knight Rider golf buggy and a pinball machine with a Baywatch theme.

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