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David Cameron’s Fiat 500 Sells for £18k

By raccars Published

Would you want to own a Fiat 500 which has our prime minister’s name on the logbook? No, really? Well, someone clearly must want to, because David Cameron’s Fiat 500 has just sold for a staggering £18,000 at auction.

The price, which is double what the auction house expected, will undoubtedly thrill Cameron as it will hint that he’s not as disliked as he may have thought. But £18k for an old, 1971 500 – is the buyer mad?

Will Smith, from Silverstone Auctions, spoke to The Daily Mail: "We're delighted with the sale and the lady who owned it is over the moon too - it goes to show what a famous owner can do for the price of a classic car.”

"There were two main bidders, one in the room and one on the phone and they wouldn't stop bidding - they both really wanted the car."

Still, it’s a lot of money for such a basic car – even if the Fiat 500 is cute and full of nostalgia.

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