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Dacia Sandero to Cost Just £5,995

By raccars Published

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The long-awaited Dacia Sandero is set to hit the UK early next year and prices have just been announced. It’ll come as no surprise that the Sandero will be cheap, but it may stun you to learn it’ll not only be cheap, but ridiculously cheap. That’s right; the Sandero will set you back just £5,995. That’s £6K for a brand new car!

Naturally, for that money, Dacia doesn’t provide you with much kit or gadgets – it even has roll-up windows. But let’s remember this will be the UK’s most affordable car when it goes on sale in January 2013, so it’s definitely going to appeal to a lot of people.

And for that money, it doesn’t look half bad! Fair play, Dacia; fair play, indeed!

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