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Dacia Duster Proves Popular

By raccars Published

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The long awaited debut of Dacia in the UK is almost upon us – are you excited? Well you should be! After all, the company has the Duster in its line up; a cute and chunky off-roader with plenty of style and charisma, and it seems pretty popular with the UK’s consumers. According to Dacia, the Duster already has 1,000 orders on its books.

Let’s hope the owners won’t regret it, seeing as none of them have even test-drove the Duster to see what it’s like on the UK’s road-network. One thing is for sure, however; the company, which specialises in cheaper cars for the masses, is looking like a real hit for our shores. The time is right for a quality-made product with a cheaper list price to come into the country and help out the consumers who can’t buy premium.

Good luck to Dacia when they get up and running!

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