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Cost-effective SUVs dominate used market in November

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Low cost SUVs seem to be setting the used car market alight at the moment, with the top five fastest selling second hand vehicles of November dominated by this particular category, according to figures from Glass. And while the popularity of compact crossovers is well documented, it is interesting that models which are explicitly designed to be affordable have managed to attract so much attention as winter draws in.

The biggest draw for buyers in the UK this month has been the Dacia Sandero Stepway, with used examples of this model being sold in an average of just 15.6 days; faster than any other car on the market. A typical used Stepway sells for just under £8,000 and is 14.5 months old, meaning that it is a far cry from the premium SUVs which used to be prevalent in this market segment. And this is not just a blip in the market, but an emerging trend which is backed up by the presence of other inexpensive SUVs in this list.

Tuscon going strong

The second quickest selling used car this month was another SUV, albeit one which is a little larger, more rugged and better equipped than Dacia’s offering. The Hyundai Tuscon has consistently been selling in just 28 days at an average price point of £8,327. However, while Sandero Stepway examples are only a little over a year old on average, most used Tuscons for sale were originally registered seven years ago.

The rest of the top five consists of more recent releases, with the Vauxhall Antara taking third place, just ahead of the Renault Captur and the standard Dacia Sandero in fifth position. And since these cars have been competing with hundreds of other used models, the significance of their presence in the top five should not be underestimated.

Buyers want 4x4 value

Glass spokesperson Rupert Pontin pointed out that there has been a steady growth in demand for SUVs in the UK over the past few years and the latest sales figures reflect this. He also said that industry experts generally expect the sales of this type of car, both new and used, to rise once winter is on the horizon and drivers start to become concerned as to how they will be able to cope on the roads in the ice and snow.

What Pontin and his contemporaries were less able to predict is the fact that value-oriented manufacturers such as Dacia are now earning so much attention from the driving public. Meanwhile prestigious brands including Land Rover are missing in action, easily outpaced by the popularity of their more affordable counterparts. He believes that this is down to the fact that people who buy SUVs today are not looking for a status symbol, but for a family car which is practical enough to use every day and rugged enough to be genuinely useful during the coldest months of the year.

The report highlights the rise of Dacia in the UK in particular, in spite of the fact that this budget manufacturer has been struggling to overcome an image issue in recent years. Analysts seem uncertain as to whether this trend will be sustained in the longer term. However, Pontin argues that with more affordable SUVs entering the market thanks to strong new sales, it is likely that drivers will still be eager to invest in this type of vehicle in the future.

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