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Concept Cars We Missed Out On

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A large number of concept cars are designed to be just that: an idea which should never reach production status. However, some concepts are so good, so right and so appropriate, that you wonder why manufacturers can't see what a prize they potentially have. The following cars all languished in concept status but really should have been given the green light for production.

Mercedes-Benz C111

Introduced at 1969's Frankfurt Motor Show, the C111 saw customers keen enough to start handing over blank cheques to buy one. A series of C111s were made, but Mercedes-Benz kept them as test mules for experiments in Wankel engines, multi-link rear suspension and gullwing doors, leaving the auto market the poorer for its absence.

Vauxhall XVR

This could have been Vauxhall's entry into supercar maker territory in the early Seventies. It looked something like a Corvette and was powered by a Chevy V8, and remained a bit of self-indulgence on the part of Vauxhall designers. However, if Vauxhall had shown the courage of its convictions, this could have been a really important model.

Lamborghini Estoque

When Lamborghini decided it needed to expand the scope of its model range to boost sales recently, it threw around the ideas of an SUV and a four door saloon. Ultimately, the Urus SUV got the nod and the handsome Estoque was consigned to the concept bin. However, this was a potentially excellent high performance saloon, which fans of the brand hope could yet be resurrected.

Lamborghini Miura Spyder

Attempting to stretch the remit of its glorious Miura model, Lamborghini experimented with chopping the top off. The result looked spectacular but wobbled like a jelly, and for safety's sake, was relegated to concept status. What a missed opportunity!

Jaguar XK180

The auto press were clamouring for a production version of the XK180 concept, a breathtakingly beautiful two seater roadster, created in 1999 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the XK nameplate and an exercise in virtuoso car making. While there was certainly a business case for such a glorious beast, regulatory issues meant that Jaguar couldn't economically give it road legal status, and the XK180 remains a beautiful 'what if...'

Jaguar C-X75

In this case, Jaguar really meant to go through with it. The C-X75 supercar was introduced in concept form in Paris in 2010 and Jaguar confirmed production status in 2011. Unfortunately, the company just couldn't justify the cost - the C-X75 was monstrously expensive. However, it is being briefly resurrected to appear in the 24th James Bond film, Spectre.

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