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Releasing a completely new model of car is a hugely expensive undertaking for manufacturers. Apart from the development and production process, a key factor is marketing - making potential customers aware what the car is and then convincing them they want to buy it. Car makers sometimes use a sneaky little shortcut to ease their way through that part of the process, which is to re-use an existing name. That sense of familiarity from a known name can create instant resonance and comfort with consumers, even if the new car is nothing like its namesake. The newly confirmed Vauxhall Viva is a case in point. Once a popular family saloon, Vauxhall is treading familiar ground by slapping the Viva badge onto a new city car.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo has trodden this ground a couple of times. The Giulietta name must really strike a chord with Italian car buyers, originally used in 1955 for a rather sexy saloon, coupe and spider effort. In 1977 Alfa brought back the Giulietta in the form of a rather staid looking four door saloon with a frightening preponderance towards rust, and then tried again in 2010 with an attractive compact hatchback that's still going strong.

Citroen DS

Released in 1955 and remaining in production for 20 years, the large and flamboyant looking DS became an icon of French motoring. It was incredibly influential in design terms, technologically advanced, and set new motoring standards worldwide. Citroen has struggled to match its success ever since. A few years ago the French firm revived the DS name for a high quality sub-brand of young and funky new cars, and has recently confirmed that it will be splitting these DS models from the Citroen parent company, to form an independent new brand.

Volkswagen Scirocco

Having recreated the Beetle reasonably successfully, VW got the reinvention bug. Its next target was the Scirocco, originally a sporty coupe based upon the same platform used by the yet to be released Golf. The sharp looking Scirocco remained in production, albeit with a few updates, until 1992. In 2008 VW brought the Scirocco back as a three door hatchback, smart but far less aggressive looking than its predecessor if still fairly sporty, particularly high performance R variants. It hasn't exactly set the world on fire, lacking a strong identity in the market, and is now in danger of being discontinued.

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