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Classics Are Cool For Insurance

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Classic cars are officially cool. They don't smack of a mid life crisis the way a shiny, brand new, two seater sports car does, and are the best way into some rather glamorous metal without having to pay a fortune in insurance.

If you are over 25 with a clean licence and an address with a nice, low crime rate, agreeing to limited mileage will give a very reasonable premium on the following impressive machinery.

Jaguar XJR 1995-97

The X306 version of the XJR was Jaguar's first attempt at a supercharged road car and gave Mercedes and BMW execs a few sleepless nights. With 326bhp, it could keep up with the M5 and can now be added to a classic car insurance policy for less than you would usually pay.

Lotus Elise 1995-2001

A very different prospect from the Jag, the Lotus Elise from around the same era is now also eligible to be called a classic. The ethereally lightweight Elise returned Lotus to founder, Colin Chapman's original sports car blueprint, after the more brutish Esprit led the brand astray slightly and still performs well today. Club Lotus membership could get you an even better insurance deal.

VW Corrado VR6 1991-95

A low profile but excellent Nineties coupe, the Corrado makes a nice change from the usual suspects. Its looks have aged very nicely and, as a VW, it could go on for a very long time. Its 187bhp engine went like lightening and as a cult favourite, has earned a place with classic car insurers.

BMW M5 1988-1995

An indisputable, bona fide performance classic, the M5 was the leader of the pack from the minute it arrived on the market. Others might be able to match its 155bhp, but couldn't reach the same balance, refinement or sheer driving excitement. It's undervalued at the moment, making it an even better buy.

Land Rover Defender

Although it's still in production, the Defender's imminent demise makes it more desirable than ever. The Defender is currently very trendy, possibly for the first time in its previously very utilitarian life, and is a favourite among fashionistas in London, believe it or not. However, this doesn't detract from its legendary competence and unrivalled off roading ability. Grab one now before values go sky high when it is replaced next year and take advantage of classic status for cheaper insurance. It may not be fast but the Defender is great fun in a completely different way.

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