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Class Acts – the best Executive cars on a budget

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Mercedes CLS

Getting you into lots of car for not much cash

‘Executive Cars’ cover a lot of ground – from entry level company Mondeos and Insignias through to top-of-the-range German brands. This week we are focussing on that top end – usually representing the company’s very best technology, design and refinement – but with a particular eye for a bargain.

I am biased having owned one but the stylish Mercedes CLS remains a firm favourite. It provides everything you expect from a top-class executive car with full climate control; in-car entertainment parking assistance and hands-free phone. However for me the biggest appeal is the design – a sweeping look that inspired competitors and still gets admiring glances in the office car park. Take a look at www.raccars.co.uk where we have nearly 500 CLS cars for sale. My preference (and the model I used to own) is the monster 5.5 litre CLS500 – RAC Approved Dealer Umberslade Motors in Solihull is selling a 2008 example with just 12000 miles for an incredible £16,500

I am a similar fan of the BMW 5 and 7 Series. Both represent the best that one of the world’s top manufacturers has to offer, often at far lower prices than you would expect. For the more adventurous I would strongly consider a 7 Series – choose the right one and you get the absolute top-of-the-line model with the BMW iDrive control system, full leather and acres of chrome trim. We have nearly 250 for sale on RAC Cars – you can pick up a 2009 sub-40,000 mile 3 litre diesel for the bargain price of less than £15,000.

While I am less of a fan of the external styling, the Jaguar XF has one of the best interiors I have seen – maybe it’s the air vents that rotate on the dashboard when you turn the ignition key that does it. They seem to represent great value, with many having been bought as fleet cars and therefore serviced on the button every time. RAC Cars has almost 1500 to choose from and by the weekend you could be in a 2012 2.2 Diesel with SE spec, just 12000 miles for less than £18000

Wishing you a week of happy, safe and economical driving

Robert Diamond

Managing Director, RAC Motoring Services

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