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Citroen targets the youth market with C1 Furio

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A fun and sporty looking version of the Citroen C1 that's cheap to run and insure.

The Citroen C1 Furio offers an attractive update of the standard hatchback, aimed at younger drivers. It's affordable and it looks good. Don't be deceived by the sporty styling, however, because the C1 Furio isn't in fact a sports car.

C1 engines

Under the bonnet it houses the same range of engines as the standard C1 - a 37bhp Toyota 1.0 litre unit or an 81bhp 1.2 litre PureTech. The gearbox is a five speed manual as standard, and the more powerful engine of the two takes 11.0 seconds to get to 62mph, so this is most definitely a sports car in appearance only. The advantage of that, of course, is that younger drivers get to look the part without the heavy associated insurance premiums and fuel costs. Prices start at £10,855 and Citroen is taking orders now.

Low running costs

For that you get a three door model offering fantastically efficient performance. Both engine choices come in under 100g/km in CO2 emissions, meaning that they are tax exempt. And according to manufacturer statistics both are capable of returning at least 65mpg. Some feisty styling has also livened up the C1's rather staid appearance.

Essentially the 'Feel' trim level of the standard C1, the Furio adds funky black and red detailing to metallic Carlinite Grey or Lipizzan White bodywork. At the back you'll notice a central exhaust outlet and a swish spoiler - the purpose of both is decorative. The Furio is finished off by a set of smart black 15 inch alloys with centre caps in red. The standard C1 in 'Feel' trim and with three doors costs from £9,930, so you're looking at a good few hundred extra to get the sporty feel.

In the cabin the same theme continues, so you get grey cloth upholstery and a rev counter. Standard equipment includes air conditioning, remote central locking, electric windows at the front and a touchscreen infotainment system.

Sporty in looks only

Disappointingly you won't find the Furio any competition for the likes of the Fiesta ST, but then from a parent's point of view that's probably a very good thing, and that's the point of this smart little city car.

There are similar offerings on the market already, such as the Kia Picanto Sport and the Skoda Citigo Monte Carlo, both with athletic exteriors but efficient engines underneath, so the C1 Furio doesn't have it all its own way. However this is a particularly good looking variation on the theme.

The standard C1

The standard model C1 has been out for a couple of years now, part of a badge engineered trio also comprising the Peugeot 108 and the Toyota Aygo. It's usually available as a three or five door hatchback and is the smallest model in the Citroen line-up. It's a very user friendly little machine with willing performance, if a little cramped on the inside.

Its stylish good looks have made it a hit with young drivers, however, as running costs are low. While Citroen made efforts to improve the second generation city car's motorway cruising performance, it's still far more comfortable zipping lightly around the urban jungle rather than belting up the M1.

Citroen has gone to some trouble to jazz up its model range over the last few years, after gaining a reputation as a specialist in rather ponderous saloons. Its small cars are proving very good indeed but the Furio update will provide some welcome pizazz to the C1 line-up.

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