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Citroen's Road Cars Hit The Rally Tracks Once Again

By raccars Published

In 2010, Citroen revived a piece of motoring history when they launched the new DS3. The French-made supermini certainly has echoes of the classic 2CV, which ceased production in 1990. Owing, in part, to the growing popularity of iconic superminis like the Mini Cooper and the Fiat 500, the DS3 was always going to be popular, but sales of this stylish car have gone through the roof over the past three years.

The following year, Citroen took the DS3 to the racing tracks, with a rally model, the DS3 WRC, based on the road version of the DS3. The model, which replaced the C4 WRC was developed by some of the biggest names in rally driving, including French driver, Sebastien Loeb, the most successful driver ever in WRC. The decision to adapt the DS3 for rally driving is a testimony to the impeccable design and high performance, of which the Citroen DS3 is capable.

In line with the growing market for affordable small convertibles, which offer impressive performance and a great driving experience, Citroen decided to work on a convertible version of the new DS3. However, rather than go for a simple soft-top option, Citroen decided to take on the likes of Peugeot, with the 206cc and Vauxhall with their fun two-seater Tigra, by producing a stylish little hard-top model.

The Citroen DS3 Cabrio Sport first hit the markets earlier this year. This sporty six-speed car has a unique mechanical roof design, which gives the Volkswagen Eos and even the mighty Mercedes SLK a run for their money, in terms of slickness and ease-of-opening. The DS3 Cabrio Sport can pull off 0-60 in a respectable 8.2 seconds, meaning that this little car really does punch above its weight.

After launching the road version of the Cabrio Sport, Citroen are, once again, transforming their best-selling car for use on the rally tracks. Concept pictures of the DS3 Cabrio Racing, the latest addition to the Citroen motorsports family, were revealed earlier this month at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Featuring the same engine and mechanics as the DS3R Hot Hatch, the WRC model has specially attuned brakes, though is a rather heavyweight option in the WRC class, meaning it might come under pressure from more lightweight models, when it takes to the track for its first races. Though the design is fully-fledged, details of production have not yet been released, so we'll have to hang on a bit longer to see this cool cabrio in the flesh…

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