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Citroen Hits Milestone With 200,000th DS3

By raccars Published

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Citroen is celebrating as it has just produced its 200,000th DS3. It’s a huge milestone for the company, especially as the DS3 was launched just two years ago – which makes the number of cars made very impressive. According to reports, the 200,000th DS3 was heading for a customer in Spain, which just goes to show how internationally-loved the DS3 has become.

It’s been by far and away Citroen’s best-selling DS model, as the bigger DS4 and DS5 haven’t really struck a chord with the British motoring public. Whether Citroen will continue their fortune with sales for the DS3 is unknown, but with good looks, plenty of positive reviews, and loads of publicity, it seems likely it will continue to be one of Britain’s favourite little cars.

Congratulations to Citroen. Now, get back to making more cars like the DS3, please.

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