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Citroen Goes Wild

By raccars Published

Citroen's growing confidence was proudly displayed at this year's Shanghai Motor Show, in the form of the creatively named Wild Rubis concept. While 'wild' might be a bit dramatic, it is a very interesting looking baby SUV, which, if it goes into production, is expected to rival the BMW X3 or Audi Q5.

It became clear where Citroen's design language was heading with the unveiling of its Numero 9 concept a year ago in Beijing and this latest addition to the company's DS brand is equally attractive. At the moment, the Wild Rubis is being directed towards the burgeoning Chinese market, but there's a very good chance the UK will benefit too. Either way, Citroen has made it very clear that this is one concept that is sure to become a production reality.

In appearance, the Wild Rubis is dominated by a set of huge, 21" alloys. The car is lower, longer and wider than its immediate rivals and extremely athletic looking. There are plenty of distinctive design elements, with C-pillars rising to join the roof rails, a sculpted blade-like crease running along the flanks and chromed door sills. The front end is stocky and confident looking, given a commanding air by the big DS badge and chrome grille, that angles into scissor shaped LED headlights.

The rear end is given a similarly bullish look, finished by slim, wedge-shaped taillights, echoing the exhaust outlets, both detailed in chrome. The concept is finished in a unique red paint, whose intensity alters with the changing light.

So far, the interior is a bit of a mystery, but the Wild Rubis should be pretty spacious and comfortable, with Citroen claiming a "subtle combination of power and refinement, packed with technological innovations." However, such marketing hyperbole is at this stage very vague on detail.

On the other hand, Citroen has confirmed the new DS will be a plug-in hybrid. Fingers crossed it will use the 300bhp four-wheel drive arrangement, planned for the Numero 9, which should give the Wild Rubis as much performance as it has style.

You would expect the Wild Rubis to sit upon the company's modern EMP2 chassis, the basis for all medium size Citroens and Peugeots currently in the works, but it will in fact use the older C5 set up and be manufactured in China. The Wild Rubis is the first of a DS triumvirate, with the larger, Numero 9 style car and a smaller saloon coming soon after.

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