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Cars With Staying Power

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The Suzuki Jimny, a low profile compact SUV, is about to receive a face-lift yet again. The Jimny was released in 1998, meaning it's 16 years old now, and has had more nips and tucks than your average Hollywood star. Some cars simply don't have the staying power to last 16 years, while others, released years earlier, can still be bought new.

Morgan 4/4

You don't see too many of them in the supermarket car park, but the Morgan 4/4 is the longest running production vehicle in the world. Making its debut in 1936, production ceased temporarily during the Second World War and for a few years after, but the two seater sports roadster is still going strong today.

Land Rover Defender

It didn't receive the Defender moniker until years later, but the utilitarian Land Rover has been going in little changed form since 1948. Originally known as the Series 1, 1983 saw the introduction of the 90 and 110 versions and the new name tag. However the end of an era is nigh, as the Defender is to be discontinued next year, thanks to the difficulties of trying to integrate modern safety regulations.

Caterham Seven

Born out of the Lotus Seven of 1957, the Caterham version saw the light of day in 1973. Predicted to be short lived, the Seven has surprised the world by still being available today, showing just how good the original design must have been.

Hindustan Ambassador

Something of an anachronism, India's most famous car has also become a cultural symbol of the country. Released in 1958 and inspired by the Morris Oxford, production of the Ambassador was only recently suspended while a search takes place for a new investor.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Similar to the Land Rover Defender, the G-Wagen is largely unchanged since its release in 1979, making it one of the German brand's longest surviving models.

Peugeot 405

The 405 has lived through massive changes in Peugeot and the world automotive industry as a whole. The 1987 model may have fallen by the wayside in the UK, but the 405 is still available new in Iran.

Volvo XC90

A real dinosaur by modern standards, the XC90 looks remarkably fresh for a car that was launched in 2002. It is about to be replaced by an updated version but Chinese factories will continue to produce the old model under the name 'XC Classic'.

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